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The Entrepreneurs Book of Actions

The Entrepreneurs Book of Actions Hits Best Seller List

See Your Business in a Completely New Way ― With a Sense of Clarity and Purpose

The Entrepreneurs Book of Actions published by McGraw Hill helps you develop the mindset of a true entrepreneur and provides manageable steps for making your business vision a reality. Informative, inspiring, and based on real-life, hard-earned lessons, it provides common-sense, daily exercises you can jump into on day one. 

You’ll begin to see your business in a completely new way―with a sense of clarity and purpose. You’ll begin identifying the issues that really affect your business―not the ones that feed your anxiety. You’ll become the kind of leader other entrepreneurs look up to―calm, optimistic, driven. 

The Entrepreneurs Book of Actions will provide the direction you need to make the best use of your time, your energy, and your creativity. It’s not isn’t a quick fix. It’s work. But it’s manageable, it’s proven effective―and it will pay off big.

What Readers Had to Say

Love this book! 

Love this book - I am actually doing it by week, and following the book - really makes you think, and I feel like I have made some great conclusions already about myself and how I approach business. -- asap1082

A must read!

If you are in business and want to be better...take the time to read and do the exercises. It will pay off. -- billrg

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Business Leaders Praise Rhett's Book

"Rhett knows that real change happens through action. His inspiring book is packed with practical techniques that will make you the leader and entrepreneur you’ve always wanted to be." 

 --  Marshall Goldsmith, executive coach, New York Times bestselling author, number one leadership thinker in the world by Thinkers50

“As a performance coach who works with athletes, coaches, and corporate executives―on and off the field, I know the importance of practice when the stakes are high first hand. I found Power’s exercises inspiring and essential for any emerging businessperson.”

Dr. Stan Beecham, author, Elite Minds

“Follow Rhett’s advice every day. After a week, you’ll be uncommon. After a month, you’ll be special. After a year, you’ll be remarkable…and you’ll find that you’ve done more than you ever imagined possible.”

―Jeff Haden, bestselling writer and contributing editor of Inc. Magazine.

“Starting a new business can be exciting and challenging―and also lonely and scary. The Entrepreneur’s Book of Actions is like a wise companion for the journey; someone to encourage you to focus on what’s truly important, overcome your fears, and take the steps to keep moving toward your vision.”

Erika Andersen, business thinker, keynote speaker, and author of Be Bad First―Get Good at Things Fast to Stay Ready for the Future

“If entrepreneurs are anything they are busy. And as much as they may want to set aside time for self-improvement, the major investment in time required always seems to get in the way. In his new book  Rhett short-circuits this common problem―providing readers with a compact, easy-to-apply daily prescription for transforming themselves, and their businesses. Buy a copy of this book, and today really will be the first day of the rest of your life.”

Peter Economy, The Leadership Guy,

“Who can’t benefit from a personal coach? Rhett Power’s The Entrepreneur’s Book of Actions can function as your coach, inspiration, and road map for success! This book is a must-read for anyone on their entrepreneurial journey. It’s a day to day guide that will get you started and keep you going!”

―Stephen Key, bestselling author of One Simple Idea

USC Grad is Best Selling Author

WLTX, USC, Rhett Power, Book of Actions

Rhett appears on WLTX in Columbia South Carolina where he went to college to promote Book of Actions. See the interview here. 

Good Morning Washington

Rhett Power, Good Morning Washington DC, Book of Actions

Rhett appears on Good Morning Washington DC to talk about his new book and share his insight on how to change habits. See the interview here. 

Closing Bell from Floor of NYSE

Rhett Power, Kori Hale, Cheddar TV

Rhett appears on Cheddar to talk about his new book and share his insight on how to change habits and a little politics. See the interview here. 

Talk with Forbes Kevin Kruce About Leadership

Forbes, Rhett Power, Kevin Kruce, Book of Actions

How To Build A Thriving Business (Without Losing Yourself In The Process) my interview with Kevin Kruce on my philosophy on leadership and time management. Read here

10 Books Every CEO Should Read by Leonard Kim

Leonard Kim, Rhett Power, Book of Actions

The advice here will help readers grow both personally and professionally to better structure and execute their ambitions. Read here. 

8 Business Books Entrepreneurs Must Read

Adam Toren, Rhett Power, Book of Actions, Entrepreneur

Unlock your full potential and experience true personal growth that will help you in your business endeavors and beyond by reading Powers' book. Read here. 

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One Million Frogs, Rhett Power, Peter Gasca

One Million Frogs

Amazon #1 Best-Seller - How a Frog Company Became One of the Fastest Growing Companies in the US.

In 2007, Rhett Power and Peter Gasca resigned from lucrative consulting jobs with tremendous professional freedom to start their first company together, Wild Creations. Just a year later, the worst economic recession in a generation paralyzed the global economy. In the face of overwhelming odds, and in true entrepreneurial form, Power and Gasca were able to persevere with a great deal of creativity, common sense, and, ultimately, sheer determination. 

Within two years, Wild Creations grew to be recognized by the South Carolina Chamber of Commerce as the fastest-growing company in the state and by Inc. Magazine as one of the 500 fastest-growing companies in the U.S. 

Through One Million Frogs, Gasca and Power hope to provide other aspiring entrepreneurs with validation and inspiration, using the knowledge they gained in growing a highly successful business of their own in one of the most tumultuous times in a generation.

5 Stars 

In the Top Ten Business Books in My Personal Library!

I've been a student of business and entrepreneurial books most of my life. I've read the best of them from Jim Collins to Dan Miller. I have to say that this book is the most concise and informative books on starting a business that I've ever read. It not only presents the hard facts like needing a business plan, doing financial forecasting, and more, but it also presents those lessons enmeshed into the story of the Wild Creations empire. Anytime someone wants to start a business, and I'd hand them this book and force them to read it first. Then, once they're done, I'd ask, "Do you still want to start your own business?" -- Dr. David Powers

What Readers Had to Say

Great book

Great book - real life examples of what it is like to start up a startup and the work and sacrifice to make it work. Buy It! -- Ron F

A must read if you are in business!

Great story of how to build a business and how to survive tough times. This is a great read and a must read if you are in business. --  PM

A raw exploration of entrepreneurship

Great raw examples of the highs and lows experienced while building a business. I'm happy that the unglamorous side of the entrepreneurial experience is conveyed so transparently. A very helpful read to anyone considering becoming an entrepreneur.

-- jlippiatt

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