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“Packed with practical techniques that will make you the leader and entrepreneur you’ve always wanted to be.” -

Marshall Goldsmith
| New York Times-bestselling Author, Ranked the #1 Leadership Thinker in the World by Thinkers50


“This book will make your wallet and business as strong as the world’s strongest person!” -

Jeffrey Hayzlett
| Primetime TV and Podcast Host, Chairman C-Suite Network


The Entrepreneur's Book of Actions

See Your Business in a Completely New Way ― With a Sense of Clarity and Purpose

Rhett’s new book published by McGraw Hill is now on sale. The book breaks down the process of growing professionally and personally into daily action steps, exercises, and tools that help readers articulate and achieve their goals. New York times best-selling author Mark Thompson will write the foreword.


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One Million Frogs

How a Frog Company Became One of the Fastest Growing Companies in the US.

In 2007, Rhett Power and Peter Gasca resigned from lucrative consulting jobs with tremendous professional freedom to start their first company together, called Wild Creations. Just a year later, the worst economic recession in a generation paralyzed the global economy. In the face of overwhelming odds, and in true entrepreneurial form, Power and Gasca were able to persevere with a great deal of creativity, common sense, and, ultimately, sheer determination to build an Inc.500 company.

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