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Rhett’s new book published by McGraw Hill is now on pre-sale. The book breaks down the process of growing professionally and personally into daily action steps, exercises, and tools that help readers articulate and achieve their goals. New York times best-selling author Mark Thompson will write the foreword.

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"As a performance coach who works with athletes, coaches, and corporate executives—on and off the field, I know the importance of practice when the stakes are high first hand. I found Power's exercises inspiring and essential for any emerging businessperson." -Dr. Stan Beecham, author, Elite Minds

“This book will make your wallet and business as strong as the world’s strongest person!” -Jeffrey Hayzlett, Primetime TV & Podcast Host, Chairman C-Suite Network

"Rhett Delivers A Powerful Show" - Silicon Luxemberg

You’ll know you’re in good hands the moment Rhett walks on stage! Get ready to dig deeper, laugh harder, explore new ways of doing things, adjust a few attitudes and learn more about yourself and others than ever before!

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